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About us

Jacobsen Accounting ApS is an accounting service company based in Copenhagen that offers services in bookkeeping, accounting, and consultancy in Danish and English. The company is owned by Lan Jacobsen. Lan has a MSc degree in Business Economics and Auditing from Copenhagen Business School and has work experience in both the retail branch and auditing/accounting services.

Our mission is to facilitate entrepreneurship in Denmark, especially new start-up companies and people who dream of

owning their business.

Our aim is, by offering professional accounting services, to facilitate the understanding of Danish business rules to business owners, especially to foreign business owners.

We are a supporter of the Danish Refugee Council; therefore, we offer special prices for refugees, who want to start a business in Denmark.

Give us your paperwork and we will take care of the rest!

The tax deadline for individuals with incomes and assets outside Denmark is the 1st of July, 2023.

Our services



We carry out all-round bookkeeping service for companies with simple operating activities. For larger and complicated businesses, e.g., in the retailing or catering branch, we would recommend the client to hire an external bookkeeper.


Our services are:

  • Registration of vendors and payments
  • Reconciliation of accounts payable and receivable
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Making invoices
  • Registration of payrolls


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According to the Financial Statements Act, a company may opt out of an audit, if, two of the following criteria are not exceeded on the balance sheet date for two financial years in a row:

  • Assets of DKK 4 million
  • Annual net turnover of DKK 8 million
  • Average number of full-time employees of 12 or less during the year


The purpose of this policy is to reduce administration costs for SME companies. Despite the audit exemption, the company must submit the financial report to the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen).


Our services are:

  • Making and submitting the annual financial report to the authority
  • Calculation and declaration of VAT
  • Review of the company's accounting procedures
  • Financial analyses


Read more in our Service description



We offer consultancy services in tax and financial related matters.

Our services are:

  • Tax consultancy and tax filing for companies and individuals
  • Consultancy on establishing and operating companies
  • Making budgets and business plans etc. for loan applications and start-up applications
  • Review of contracts and agreements
  • Participating in meetings (only in Copenhagen and suburbs)

Our prices


For bookkeeping services: DKK 380 per hour excl. VAT

Travel charges will be added if the work should be carried out at the client’s location.


For tax advising and consultancy assignments: DKK 550 per hour excl. VAT

Other assignments will be charged according to the assignment’s size and complexity.

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Business calendar

Tax type

Payment period

Due date

VAT (value-added tax)

VAT- quarterly payment for 4th quarter 2021

Tuesday the 1st March 2022

VAT- half-year payment for 2nd half-year 2021

Tuesday the 1st March 2022

VAT- quarterly payment for 1st quarter 2022

Wednesday the 1st June 2022

VAT- quarterly payment for 2nd quarter 2022

Thursday the 1st September 2022

VAT- half-year payment for 1st half-year 2022

Thursday the 1st September 2022

VAT- quarterly payment for 3rdquarter 2022

Thursday the 1st December 2022

Business tax and corporation tax

Business tax - 1st rate estimated tax payment for year 2022

Monday the 21st March 2022

Business tax - 2nd rate estimated tax payment for year 2022

Sunday the 20th November 2022

Tax return

Tax return- individuals

Monday the 2nd May 2022

Tax return- sole traders for 2021

Friday the 1st July 2022

Tax return- individuals with foreign incomes for 2021

Friday the 1st July 2022

Personal tax

Annual tax payment (no interest charge) for 2021

Friday the 1st July 2022

Source: SKAT, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration