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We are hunting for tax deductions

The purpose of this blog is to provide a reliable source of business, tax, and accounting information. English is chosen language to ensure coverage for Danish and non-Danish readers. 

Get the most out of your tax deductions

September, 2018.

Denmark is often cited as the country with one of the highest tax rates in the world, with up to 52,02% of personal income. How can the Danes afford expensive cars, throw away usable electronic equipment, and pay thousands of kroner for a blouse? The answer is: tax deductions.

Fancy a street vendor business? Here are the rules

October, 2018.

You see them everywhere: on the high streets, at the City Hall, and around tourist attractions… You enjoy them time to time: hotdogs, caramelised almonds and strawberries… One day, after sending the job application number 101 without landing a job, you might think: Why not…start a street vendor business?

Made in Denmark

November, 2018.

My mum needs a hearing aid. It should be a GN Resound Danavox 793U. And it has to be made in Denmark.

Going to the Christmas markets

December, 2018.


By now, you should have seen the first Christmas markets pop up in town already: big and small, at premium locations or at the local hall. Have you ever wondered what is behind these cosy, glittering Christmas stands? This article is about the cost and conditions of attending a Christmas market, from the premium locations to the local stands. All the quoted prices are excluded VAT.